Australia. Australia: Melbourne

Tuesday March 31st, 2009 - Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Melbourne, Victoria

Perhaps you've heard -- the world is experiencing some economic "bumps"..

The majority of this period has been spent in a state of unemployment. A state I am unaccustomed to and unsuited for. Jenny was the unfortunate person who got to deal with me during this period. Not a role to be jealous of.. Luckily we are both employed now. Jenny is working for Melbourne University as a receptionist and I am working for some agency as a passenger counter (public transit passengers).

Despite being unemployed, their have been some highlights:
- a weekend in Fish Creek that was sponsored by our favourite Fish Creekian (thanks Corinna!)
- several experiments that delved into the mysteries of cake, brownies and other assorted confectioneries (varying success..)
- a relaxing hike up the 1000 stairs of the Dandenong range
- a victory by team Canadia at the local quiz night
- a successful home-brew version of a chicken parmesian (a.k.a. "parma")

I'll let Jenny expand on those topics -- I'm currently a little busy basking in my own state of employment.


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