Catching up with family in Sydney

Saturday August 8th 2009 - Tuesday August 11th 2009

We flew from Hobart to Sydney on the Saturday, bright and early in the morning - the sun wasn't even up when we had to catch our shuttle bus. But we got to sleep on the plane so it wasn't too bad. We stayed in a hostel called 'Blue Chili Backpackers' which was in the sketchy area of King's Cross (where we always end up staying in Sydney) but was super cheap at $9/night each for a dorm. We also learned in this hostel that unlike all over Europe if you are planning on sharing a bunk bed then it's okay to just pay for one bed. We learned this from a roommate in our hostel who used to be a night-time manager in a hostel so I think it was reliable. We used this handy bit of knowledge for the end of our east coast journey - although we weren't sure if every hostel agreed so usually Tyler would sign in by himself and then sneak me in. We cheated the system and we're not ashamed! :)

We ventured to Manly Beach during our stay before Mark and Tiyanne arrived - very nice beach although we managed to get a little lost. We didn't do the nice, scenic walk described in our book but we found a war themed walk with old outposts and gun spots. It was pretty amusing.

The visit was lots of fun - we got very spoiled with fancy meals (like at the Botanical Gardens), a decked out appartment with free laundry, stove, fantastic shower and a balcony that Mark booked for us and excellent company of course. Great way to spend 3 days. It was a great change from our cheap hostels and instant noodle dinners. Definitely something we could get used to. :)

We also managed to book our tours and travels in advance on our last day in Sydney and headed on the overnight bus to Byron Bay on the same day Mark and Tiyanne flew back home.


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