Europe . Italy . Naples: On our way to Siracuse

Tuesday, October, 3rd, 2006

We got our overnight tickets to Siracuse, Sicily today. I brutally mispronounced "Siracusa" or I just have a terrible, incomprehensible Canadian accent because the guy selling the train tickets couldn't understand the destination I was saying. I kept apologizing for saying it wrong and kept trying to say it in different ways and eventually he understood. He was smiley after he figured it out (most likely laughing at how bad my pronunciation was), I bet Italians hate hearing foreigners distort their language since it's such a beautiful language to listen to.

It was a fairly unexciting day since we just had to kill time at the train station waiting for our late train. We continued our hunt for playing cards but found that they were too expensive (6 euros or more for a single pack). We ended up passing the day by reading and chatting to each other, surprisingly we haven't run out of things to say to each other despite being around one another 24/7.... it's crazy! We also spent the day trying to politely say "no" to the many beggars that approached us. I think that I may have been mistaken for a beggar by a lady who was offering me food when Tyler was at the grocery store and I was waiting with our bags. I didn't take her up on the offer though, tempting as it was.....

We shared our train compartment with a father and son Christian-pastor team. They were very nice and the most apologetic people we've ever met in our life (which is saying a lot for someone who apologizes to food when she drops it). We also learned that Italian trains NEVER arrive on time, they're always delayed.

-Jenny and Tyler, beggars-in-training

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