Europe . Paris: Ahh, Paris a Jour

Sunday, September, 17th, 2006

We woke up early and discovered that Paris is a ghost town at 7am on Sundays (this is probably because everyone was awake until 4 or 5am the previous night). Luckily, the Notre Dame Cathedrale was open (and free) so we went in there for a visit. They had beautiful stained glass windows and sculptures accompanied by some hard-core scary religious paintings and an over abundant amout of gargoyles. The gargoyle eavestroughs were awesome!

We decided to stay at a different place for the remainder of our stay in Paris and discovered the Happy and Young Hostel that was in a beautiful location. We also discovered the wonders of crepes, so delicious! Never have banana and nutella met in such a lascivious fashion. :)

We visited the Parisian catacombs. Bones, lots and lots of bones. Femurs, skulls and random latin phrases galore! They had them stacked in nice patterns for display. We were inspired to copy this in our rooms at home once we return, but we are lacking the bones. Please let us know if you know where we can get some at low cost.

We ate raw beef for dinner. After it was cooked. We cooked it ourselves actually, in a pot of hot oil. Can you believe they let me play with boiling oil? I handled it much better than tea (for those that don't know, I got second degree burns on my foot last year because I spilt hot tea on it).

-Jenny again, a little less Tyler this time-

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