Europe . Italy . Siracuse: Train to Florence

Friday, October, 6th, 2006

Today was not very exciting as it was our last day in Sicily and we spent the night on an overnight train to Florence. We woke up early in order to try to get in the fountains before they were heavily populated... but we underestimated how early Sicilians wake up on Friday mornings. Tyler did manage to get in the fountain near the Piazza Archimedes (the cool one with the moss covering it) and there was a police car right across from the fountain. Very dangerous. Sicilians seem to much more relaxed than other Italians about their statues and fountains, they don´t have any area heavily armed with guards, they´re more carefree. So I got the photo of Tyler in the fountain, my little rebel. :)

We spent the afternoon at the archaeological museum in Siracuse but found that we were disappointed with it. We´ve found that "archaeological museum" is a very popular name in Europe for a museum but most of them are really cool. This one however was most true to its name but was not as cool to walk around because it was basically just a description of the various types of pottery and little artifacts that they had found at all the sights in Siracuse. It was a lot of the same stuff and it was not very exciting. They did have a few nice statues though so that made Tyler´s day. :)

And we spent the night on the train, it was a pretty comfy sleep and we shared our cabin with a couple from Bern, Switzerland who were leaving Sicily because they did not enjoy the rainy weather of that one day. It must have been sad for them to find that the rain followed us up to northern Italy....

-Jenny and Tyler, weary of archaeological museums

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