Europe . Italy . Rome: Some good old fashioned confusion

Tuesday, September, 26th, 2006

We left Venice todaz and took a train to Rome (Roma). It was a 5 hour train ride but luckily we didn`t arrive too late to find a cheap place to stay. We stayed at a camping ground called Campeggio Flaminio and the metro ride to the stop we needed was confusing. Apparently we got on an express train and it was super packed and we kept hitting people with our giant backpacks... and then when the train stopped at the station that we needed, the doors didn`t open. It was very frustrating! Everyone on the train was watching us struggle to magically get the doors to open and just shaking their heads at us saying ˝No˝ and we didn`t know why. Luckily there was a very nice lady nearby who needed the same stop as us and told us to follow her and get off at the next stop in order to take the train in the opposite direction back to the previous stop. Weird! We also met these 2 German girls who were going to the same campground that we needed and were equally confused about about the train not stopping so we joined up with them and they led us to the campground (we would have been so lost without them since our travel book did not have directions written and it was outside the boundaries of our map).

Round 2 of confusion was when we booked a tent at the camping ground. We assumed that this camping ground was similar to the one we stayed at in Venice which provides a tent for you. When we went to find our tent we discovered that they expected us to have our own tent. We felt pretty foolish when we had to go back to the reception desk and explain that we didn`t have a tent and would like to stay in a cabin instead. The lady was very understanding but I`m pretty sure that she thought that we were crazy. But finally our accomodations were sorted out.

-Jenny and Tyler ˝the confused Canadians˝

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