Europe . Paris: Louvre is closed Tuesdays

Tuesday, September, 19th, 2006

Without checking the guidebook today we decided to visit the Louvre. We took the subway to help preserve our feet from the hours of museum walking. When we arrived we saw a huge crowd of people and we were immediately worried of some huge line-up that we´d have to wait in. We learned that it wasn´t a line-up actually, but a bunch of people who were slowly going up to the sign to read that the museum was closed. So sad. We chose the one week day that the Louvre is closed.

So, plan B: Musee Rodin. This was a garden and a building dedicated to Rodin´s sculptures. The highlight for Tyler was a sculpture of a man sensually embracing a woman that was called "L´Homme Pense" (a man thinking, for those non-Frenchies). Rodin had most of the subjects in his sculptures in very awkward poses, they were neat to see.

The strap on my day pack broke today (good thing they come with a lifetime guarantee, but that won´t save Tyler from carrying everything for the remainder of this trip.... mwah-ha-ha).

We completed our day with a visit to the Eiffel Tower. We walked up 99.9999999% and took the elevator for the last little bit (really it was about 2/3 walking, 1/3 elevating). We wanted to walk all the way to the top but they had the stairs to the last level blocked off so you had to take the elevator (I think it was so that they could make more money since we had to pay extra). The tower was very impressive and provided an amazing view of the city. I think the elevation made couples more amorous as there was a lot of affection shared up on the top level, which made moving around more difficult since it was super crowded. The lights came on afterward we were out of the tower but they were great to see up close and personal, they must have one heck of an electric bill.

Mmm..... more crepes for dinner. Tyler had a pillow-less sleep in the hostel as we got in late and some guy was using it as a foot rest while asleep so we couldn´t do anything about it.

-Jenny the expert typer, Tyler the expert helper-

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