Europe . Italy . Rome: Exploration of the ancient ruins

Thursday, September, 28th, 2006

We decided to go visit the classic ancient sites in Rome today. Most of the sites were located in the Foro Romani (ancient Rome before it was expanded). This was my favourite spot in all of Rome as it was a working archaeological site. You could see all of the original buildings, temples and arches. You could also see students working away on the ruins, taking measurements and digging. It was difficult to tell what some structures were originally but our guide book was pretty helpful. The pathway was full of huge rocks instead of gravel or pavement so it was tricky to walk on (especially for someone as clumsy as myself) but it made it more of an adventure.

We also visited the Colisseum and took a guided tour (our first one of the trip). The girl who sold us the tour randomly asked me what my background was because she thought that I looked Norweigan. Due to this event for the next couple of days Tyler referred to me as ˝his little Scandinavian˝. :P Our tour guide`s name was Aldo and he was a middle-aged man wearing bright orange pants who loved to close his eyes and look up at the ceiling while telling stories about the history of the Colisseum. We learned that there were female gladiators as well but the Romans imported Celtic women instead of using their own. The size of the Colisseum was overwhelming but it was sad that we weren`t allowed to go to the top levels.

We ate some Italian pasta for dinner. We had difficulty in ordering, or at least Tyler kept getting his order messed up by the waiter. I had lasagna and although Tyler order Carbonara, he ended up with spaghetti. The food was tasty though and we don`t really complain about anything so maybe the waiter could tell and took advantage of that. We`re also convinced that the waiters in Rome all pretended that they didn`t know what tap water was. They would all nod like they understand and then they would bring out mineral water. They`re sneaky but pleasant so what can you do?

-Jenny and Tyler, Scammed by the friendly Romans

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