Europe. Paris: Napoleon is an Invalides

Mon, September, 18th, 2006

Today started with a bun, croissant, orange juice and hot chocolate at the Happy and Young hostel here in Paris. It was deliciousness.

Entre Phil. Phil´s an American we met in our dorm room. He is very amusing because he likes to read books with depressing endings (pretty much the most depressing ones you can think of) and he likes to watch movies that confuse him. These are his favourite movies. And he constantly talked about trying to find the sewers in Paris (and succeeded in enticing Tyler with them as well). "Phil and Tyler have a shared love of feces and feces-related paraphenalia." (quotation marks mean Tyler made me write it)

The touring of the day starting with the Jardin des Luxembourg, an absolutely huge garden and the highlight was this fountain with the mouth and nose of a woman peeking out of the water. It looked like it was floating on the water´s surface.... very cool. It was very relaxing at the garden.

We then headed to Invalides, which is a combination of a veteran´s hospital, army museum and Napoleon´s tomb. The Musee de l´armee had a cannon ball that was the size of 3 Tylers strapped together (sexy). We saw some cool relief maps which are 3 dimensional maps, for all of the major cities in France during Louis XIV´s reign. They were used for planning how to conquer certain territories. Napoleon´s tomb had a huge dome covered in gold and Tyler wanted to steal Napoleon´s jacket. That was impossible due to high security.

We ate some "scrumptious" cookies (quotations are from Tyler). Be jealous.

-Jenny again, with more help from Tyler-

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