Europe . Paris: Louvre at Last

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Today we actually got to see the Louvre. There were lots of people, but little lining up. We got to see the Mona Lisa up close, which was cool, but a little anti-climactic. It was encased in glass and a pair of personal guards. A little over the top for such a homely chick :P . Plus you could totally tell the other paintings were jealous of the obvious favouritism. Now Caravaggio, he made some cool paintings.

Oh, and we met the most quick witted beggar-lady ever created. We were just prancing down the street, mind our business when this lady comes up to us and starts reciting some frenchy gibberish. It sounded like: "Give me money. Money me. Money." So I immediately was like: "No sprechen zi deutch," but she was ready. She started pointing at her mouth, as if to eat her finger -- I was like: "NOO!" cause eating yourself is gross, right? So I reach in to my bag of recently acquired food stuffs and pull out this banana. Crazy french lady #1 perks up (NOTE: the #1 is necessary..), grabs my banana and runs! She was fast for an old broad. I was left feeling mostly helpful, but slightly used -- like she was after my banana all along..

Ok, so on to crazy french lady #2. We met her on the train to Salzburg (Austria). When we open the door to our semi-private sitting area, she's there, sitting in one of the 6 semi-private seats. "Je suis en dangereux" she says(or something like that). Asking her why, we she answers, "I don't have a ticket". So I immediately think she's either scamming us or is going to kill us. She actually turned out to be nice. She was the Princess of Germany. Her evil husband had stolen her children. She was returning to Germany to see her father (presumably the King of Germany). Oh, and she didn't like the pills "they" gave her? To make a long story short... Jenny says it's time to log off the computer, so use your imagination...


-Typy Tyler and Jealous Jenny-

P.S. J'aime les crazy french dames!

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