Europe . Italy . Venice: Rainy but delicious

Monday, September, 25th, 2006

We discovered that on day 2 of getting lost in the streets of Venice that it really does add to charm of the city. You just can´t not fall in love with the city, no matter how many obstacles it throws in your path. The morning today was rainy (the first rainy day of our trip) so Tyler and I stopped in a cafe and had cafe lattes (true Italian style). It was delicious and warmed our tummies. We read outside at a patio table and sipped our coffees until the rain cleared up. If not for our giant travel book that we were looking at, I think we would have fit in perfectly. :)

We went to visit the Piazza di San Marco in the afternoon, which was gigantic! The large line-ups prevented us from going inside the basilica and the clock tower (Torre dell orologio). We went to the Palazza Ducale (official residence of the doges and the seat of the republic`s government) and had lunch outside in the square. We fell in love with these delicious rosemary crackers and I crumbled some up to share with the pigeons. They ate right our of my hand while Tyler took a picture (it was like being a low class cinderella since pigeons aren`t exactly cute or cleanly birds).

We spent the rest of the afternoon in museums (3 that were connected to each other) and got in trouble by one of the guards because he was too busy chatting up a female guard to notice that we still had our backpacks on (since we didn`t know that we had to check them). He was funny, very indignant about his mistake and made it seem like we were big trouble-makers. We also discovered that pictures aren`t permitted in a lot of the museums in Italy... we don`t know why but we snuck in some whenever we could. That`s right, we`re big time rebels. They`re going to send the mafia after us. :P

Desserts in Italy are delicious. Mmmm pastries, they are everywhere and once you smell them you HAVE to buy one. Plus maybe eating the pastries will help Tyler gain some weight.... and I don`t want him to have to eat alone so I`ll just have to deal with the consequences. :)

-Jenny and Tyler ˝If we`ve put on weight when we come back, you`ll know why˝

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