Europe . Italy . Rome: There is such a thing as too much walking

Wednesday, September, 27th, 2006

We attempted to go to the Vatican today but discovered an overwhelming line-up that wound around the streets for blocks, it was crazy! Later on we found out that on Wednesdays the pope comes out into St. Peter`s Square around noon and gives a public blessing so that`s why it was super busy (although it`s never not busy, everyone loves the pope). While near the Vatican we saw a cart on the street corner selling purses and Tyler ended up unintentionally haggling with one of the vendors who dropped the price from 75euros to 55euros and then to 40euros just because Tyler said that we were going to look around first before deciding. We discovered that every purse that they had started at the same price no matter how big or small.

We visited the Pantheon and were disappointed that it wasn`t raining. It`s supposed to be really cool when it`s raining because the rain comes right through the hole in the ceiling. We walked up the Spanish steps, which weren`t as impressive as we were led to believe but there was a fantastic view from the top. I think the highlight of our walk around the Piazza Navona was our visit to the Fontana di Trevi, it was huge and beautiful. Of course we took turns throwing two coins over our shoulders to ensure that we`ll return to Rome and the second coin is for your real wish. I always make the same wish in every fountain I throw a coin in, but I`m not going to tell you what it is. :) The fountain was heavily guarded because of the movie ˝La Dolce Vita˝ which apparently inspires a lot of people to try to get in the fountain. Most of the sites and museums in Rome were heavily guarded, they`re very protective of their historic treasures.

After a long day of walking around Rome I had the bright idea of walking back to our campsite instead of taking the metro/subway. It was difficult finding the way back, we got lost along the way many times and our feet were aching by the time we got back to our campsite but we made it home, that`s what really matters. I learned my lesson though, our campsite was just too far away to walk to.

-Jenny the foot torturer, Tyler the martyr

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